What's in a GIF? Memes and murder, apparently

Seizure inducing: The (thankfully still) image in question.
Seizure inducing: The (thankfully still) image in question.

Too many artists keep dying, so in order to avoid more sadness, let’s talk some more about how the world is going crazy.

Famed Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald recently shocked no-one when he wrote an article critical of President Trump. What happened next, though, proved just how through the looking glass we are.

A no doubt fun-loving Trump supporter sent a GIF of a rapidly flashing, colourful pattern to Eichenwald over Twitter with the message: “I know he has epilepsy. Let’s see if he dies”.

The image did, in fact, put Eichenwald into seizure. He didn’t die, but for the eight minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive, his wife thought he would.

The man responsible for the image, John Rivello, has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Yes, memes are now deadly weapons. Well, they are if they can actually kill someone, at least. And that’s a weird thing to know.