Peel Zoo welcomes two new adorable family members

Peel Zoo joeys Romeo and Juliet’s story, unlike William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, has a happy ending.

After their mothers died after being hit by cars, Romeo and Juliet’s story could have ended in misfortune.

However, in a stroke of luck, passersby checked the pouches of the two female kangaroos and found the joeys inside.

When rescued, baby Juliet weighed just 784 grams.

Both joeys were taken into care and raised together as a pair.

Unfortunately, like many orphaned wildlife, Romeo and Juliet won’t be able to be released into the wild. Instead they have found their home at Peel Zoo.

The joeys arrived at the wildlife centre on Sunday, and have successfully settled into a provisional enclosure until they are ready to safely join the centre’s main kangaroo enclosure.

So far, Romeo and Juliet have become the stars of Peel Zoo’s Zookeeper for a Day program, with participants looking forward to bottle-feeding the pair every day.

Peel Zoo Junior Zookeepers are also responsible for caring for the pair, since it is crucial for them to get used to humans before moving to the centre’s Western Grey Kangaroo petting zoo.

”We believe that if we can give all our guests an amazing, hands-on experience with our animals then they will become passionate about the conservation of our native species,” head zookeeper Bronte Hodgson said.

“These little orphans are an important reminder for everyone to take care when driving and to watch out for injured wildlife on the side of the road.”

Romeo and Juliet will become Peel Zoo’s ambassadors together with Morgan the red-tailed black cockatoo and Lizzie the Tasmanian devil.

If you wish to visit Romeo and Juliet go to Peel Zoo on Sanctuary Drive, Pinjarra, from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.