One-stop-shop for shade sails

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Local sailmakers Avalon Sail Co. are a one-stop-shop for shade sails.

Celebrating 20 years of business this year, the team at Avalon Sail Co. offer complete design and installation of shade sails.

Owner Phil Smith said “We have an in-house computer design service, so customers can come in and see their shade design in 3D colour on a computer screen.”

“The design shows shade orientation so they can see not just how the sail is going to look in their area but also how the shade will fall at a certain time of day,” he said.

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As well as designing and making shade sails, Avalon Sail Co. make yacht sails, and repair all types of sails and other fabric products.

If you want to install your own sails, they sell the posts, stainless fittings and wire and make custom sails to fit.

“With our heavy duty sewing machines we are able to make not only sails and shades but many other items such as bags and covers for the mining industry,” said Phil.

If you are considering a shade sail or anything that requires the skills of a sailmaker call Maxine or Belinda at Avalon Sail Co. on 9581 9788 or drop into the sail loft at 44 Panton Road, Mandurah.