Condition your land for the next crop

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Manna Enterprises provides high grade, fine textured gypsum (SupaGyp) and agricultural lime (G-Lime) as bulk products to broadacre farms and horticulture.

Located in Kwinana close to CSBP and Summit Fertilizers, Manna’s Wellard Road depot is setup to handle road trains and makes an ideal back-loading proposition for trucking.

Materials are stored under cover and are therefore amenable to transport over long distances.

SupaGyp is ideally suited to application in clay or duplex-type soils as well as providing sulphur supplement to pastures and some crops.

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Because of its fine particle size this gypsum is more soluble than other crystalline forms.

G-Lime is a hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) of very fine particle size and is more readily available for plant nutrition.

It is useful as a source of calcium and as a pH buffer particularly where soil pH levels are below pH5.

Blends of these two products (Gyplime) make an efficient soil conditioner with additional transport cost savings.

Manna has its own road trains and will quote competitively especially on loads of more than 100 tonnes. For more information contact Manna’s Perth office on 9316 8020, Leo on 0409 082 442, email admin@mannaenter or go to