Mandurah wheelchair users led down the garden path

Wheelchair users living in North Mandurah have been led down the garden path, with no safe route to travel from the Dudley Park side of Mandurah Road to the new Greenfields Shopping Centre.

Mandurah resident and wheelchair user John Macmahon said there was a suitable paved pathway running along the Mandurah Line train tracks which wheelchair-bound residents could use.

However, it ends abruptly in a gravel patch, preventing mobility scooters and wheelchair users from being able to cross to the other side of Mandurah Road without getting bogged.

“I think the emphasis from our point of view is a safe route from Mandurah North and John Tonkin High School to Greenfields Education Campus, Murdoch and others, as well as the Greenfields Shopping Centre,” Mr Macmahon said.

“Currently there is the sand hazard that stops mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walkers from crossing.”

Mr Macmahon said there was currently no safe crossing adjacent to the Mandjoogoordap Drive and Mandurah Road intersection suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and people with limited mobility, putting their lives at risk.

“We should not have to wait before someone is hurt or worse before a safe crossing is provided,” he said.

“There is extensive housing development under construction between Allnutt Street and the walk trail especially just north of Morfitt Street and Galgoyl Road which will further enhance the Greenfields Shopping Centres customer catchment if safe passage can be provided.”

When asked for comment, a LandCorp spokesman said they weren’t aware of the existence of the gravel patch and said a contractor would be sent as soon as possible to fix the path.