Taking a Chance on charity: Chance the Rapper's torchbearing in a world gone slightly mad

Chance the Rapper.
Chance the Rapper.

Whenever there’s a big spate of social upheaval grabbing onto the world, there’s often a few creatives – often musicians – who take it upon themselves to hold up a torch of reason and equality. 

With the three-ring circus that is the US at the moment, the time has come for another. But this time, there’s a bit of a new paradigm.

Chance the Rapper is, clearly a rapper. But he is much more than the bling-and-women aesthetic rap is usually lumped into. He has just donated $1 million to the notorious Chicago public school system, with a message for the governor of Illinois – “Do your job!”

It’s just a line in a book of charitable actions Chance has been responsible for: he charges peanuts for his albums, and most of his proceeds go towards the poor, black communities of the US. People like Dylan, Marley and Lennox started revolutions through their music, and while we might not be at that point yet, it’s good to know the power is still there.