Ex-Bachelorette contestant Kayne Buik to show the bright side of life

Falcon resident and ex-Bachelorette contestant Kayne Buik has decided to take it upon himself to brighten people’s lives, after feeling sick of reading news about violence and murder.

In order to do it, Mr Buik has decided to play small positive pranks to people who are feeling down to turn their day around.

”I don’t watch the news because I hate it, there’s never really much good,” Mr Buik said.

“So I just want to show people the good side of things.”

A Youtube fan, Mr Buik has created a channel to share his pranks with the world, and hopefully not only brighten the lives of the people he surprises but also of those who watch his videos.

“I’ve always liked to make people laugh, and I thought I’d just do it on a bigger scale,” he said.

“So I started my own channel and pretty much can do funny pranks and make people laugh, inspirational stuff that gets people in worse circumstances lifted up.”

Mr Buik’s first video showed him waking up one of his best mates to a non-Birthday party, with tens of colourful balloons tied to his car, a chocolate cake and a birthday card.

It was a success.

“He was just like ‘I don’t even know you get these, who gets these things?’,” he said.

“Standing there looking at him and thinking about what he’s thinking about in his head was a laugh, I couldn’t deal.

“He texted me through the day being like ‘I still can’t believe that you did this’.”

Mr Buik said he’s got some big plans for people in the area, with several residents already contacting him to organise a surprise.

“I want people to hit me up like ‘my sister is down in the dumps’, I wouldn’t mind if we could do something for them,” he said.

“Big plans, plain and simple.”

Even though he doesn’t want to give anything away, he said he has been in touch with several charities and organisations to hold bigger surprise events for people.

“I don’t want to give much away, because I want it to be a surprise kind of video but I’m going to be doing a lot of stuff with different foundations,” he said.

“To just brighten up people’s days.”

To get in touch with Kayne Buik go to his Youtube channel or send him a private Facebook message.