Grill’d brings Homestead’s dream one step closer

Homestead for Youth got one step closer to their dream home stay centre for troubled youth in Meelon after Grill’d handed them two cheques worth a total of $3,405 on Wednesday.

Homestead for Youth is a not-for-profit organisation that helps troubled teenagers by distracting them from their conflicting backgrounds through hands-on programs.

Teenagers that might have family problems, violence or addiction issues can come to Homestead and join one of their tailor-made horse riding, mechanics and fencing programs among others.

Now, the organisation is looking at broadening their services by offering teenagers that shouldn’t be staying in their homes alternative temporary accommodation in a quiet environment while they work with their families in fixing underlying issues.

The team has set their eyes in a property in Meelon and are currently fundraising in order to pay a $200,000 bond to secure the property and start running the program.

“​Every amount of money just really helps us to really expand that vision and get more kids in,” Homestead for Youth founder Carla Fadelli said.

“We are just getting calls all the time, I've got four kids I need to get back to at the moment who are looking for residential care and we can't keep up with their need.”

The organisation is already offering residential services to those teenagers who need it most through foster homes, and are on the lookout for more foster families who are keen to take one or teenagers under their wing.

“We don't have to rely on the government to do things, we can actually as a community get together and do things,” Ms Fadelli said.

“We need everyday people to come and help everyday kids.

“We are aware of the issues of poverty overseas and our hearts break for kids overseas but we forget there's kids in our backyard that are just as in need.”

Ms Fadelli said their fundraising day at Grill’d was a perfect opportunity to spread the word about Homestead’s programs while raising awareness about the need for youth services in the region.

Grill’d Mandurah assistant manager Morgan Little said the team got very involved in the day, speaking to customers about Homestead’s quest and encouraging them to contribute to the cause.

“We got them on the website and we told them to make sure that they are telling people to jump on Facebook, and that there's other ways that they can help rather than just having a burger here,” she said.

“I think the community really enjoyed it but I think that my guys really loved it as well, and it was really good to see them get involved and get passionate about it.

“All it takes it's for a community to get together and raise a child together, and that's all it takes.”

Ms Fadelli said Homestead will focus on offering more home stay services to teenagers in need in 2017, and she said the team hoped to be able to lock down the Meelon property and start their program very soon.