Greenfields husband and wife face court over mutual assaults

An ordinarily loving couple from Greenfields wound up in court this week after “things got silly” and they beat each other up.

The husband and wife were both arrested following a violent incident at their home on November 27.

The court heard the pair started arguing about 9.30pm over a Christmas gift for one of their children.

The argument became physical, with the man punching, slapping and throwing his wife to the ground, and the woman spitting, punching and scratching her husband.

A call from the woman’s daughter prompted police to attend the property.

Both were taken back to Mandurah police station where the woman told officers she had felt threatened, and the man said he had been trying to protect himself.

The husband and the wife both pleaded guilty to separate charges of aggravated assault causing bodily harm.

“We normally get on like a house on fire,” the husband said.

“We’re best friends.

“We both had too much to drink.”

Magistrate Vivien Edwards asked the man if he felt he needed counselling for alcohol issues, but he said he did not have a serious drinking problem.

“My biggest problem is I started making [alcohol] myself,” he said.

The woman referred to the incident as “really stupid”, and said it escalated rapidly before police became involved.

The police prosecutor said the circumstances of the case were “unusual”.

Both the husband and the wife were fined $1000 plus court costs.