Jobs spat over Western Power part-sale | VIDEOS

The Labor party’s Dawesville candidate has raised concerns the government’s planned partial sale of Western Power will cost jobs in the region.

Adam Woodage, an electrician by trade, said Premier Colin Barnett was already planning to cut jobs at the power utility before the privatisation announcement.

“We shouldn't be selling something which creates jobs, and creates job security in this state, at a time when we're obviously facing an employment downturn,” Mr Woodage said.

“It's a short-term gain for a whole lot of long-term pain, as we'll see this decision affect the state's financial position for years to come.

“The fact there's been no expansion, and not nearly as many apprenticeships offered now, just goes to show the government has been planning on this for a long time.”

The government’s advertisement defending the partial sale:

But Zak Kirkup, his Liberal opponent in the seat, said he had reassurances from Treasurer Mike Nahan that there would be no job cuts as a result of the sale.

“I would absolutely not support the part-sale of Western Power if it would result in job losses and I have been assured by the treasurer that it would not,” Mr Kirkup said.

“It will also be business as usual for workers at Western Power as strict employee protections will be outlined as part of the float process.

“This decision by the Liberal-led state government is going to mean new jobs for builders, tradies, construction workers, engineers, technology providers, and their support staff in our community.”

UnionsWA has their own take on the sale of Western Power: