Mandurah police urge residents to be theft aware over summer

As summer approaches and weather warms up, Mandurah police urged residents to be safety savvy and take measures to avoid being victims of crime.

According to senior sergeant Steve Thompson, summer comes with an increase in crime as more people come down to Mandurah to enjoy the sunshine and the region’s beaches.

“People are attracted to town in the summer months,” he said.

“Population swells, there’s full beaches, full carparks, more people on leave that go away and more opportunities for crime.”

Mr Thompson said thefts and burglaries have decreased compared to this time last year but there has been an increase in theft of vehicles.

He said most crime is opportunistic, rather than planned, and it’s important to remind residents to stay alert and reduce their chances of being targeted.

He advised residents to double-check they have locked their cars, closed all the windows, removed any detachable and valuable items such as GPS or stereos, and left no bags, money or valuables on display inside the vehicle before leaving the carpark.

Residents should also try to park their vehicles in well-lit areas and always keep the keys in their hand when leaving their vehicle and refilling at petrol stations.

Despite the summer heat, Mr Thompson recommended residents not to leave their home windows and doors open, and encouraged them to make sure their homes, sheds and storage rooms are properly locked.

When out and about in shopping centres, Mr Thompson advised residents to not leave open handbags in trolleys and to keep an eye on their phones.

According to Mr Thompson, phones are popular targets.

He also advised residents to download a tracking app on their phone in case it’s stolen.

Mandurah police recently set up a new foot patrol team for the summer months to tackle anti-social behaviour and target offenders around Mandurah’s CBD, popular carparks and shopping areas.

The team will be looking at retail and car theft and will engage with the community to identify problems.

For more information on how to keep your valuables safe go to the WA Police website.