Dog poop trail along Melros Beach angers Mandurah woman

Mandurah woman Carmen Carmody is livid after her attempt at a therapeutic and calming walk along Melros Beach this morning was squashed by the pong of exposed dog faeces being savaged by flies.    

The Melros resident, who took photos for evidence, said she was absolutely disgusted by the amount of fresh and dried-up dog faeces alongside the pathways, left behind by irresponsible pet-owners. 

"I'm not sure about the rest of Mandurah but the whole Melros area is appalling and an embarrassment for Mandurah," she said. 

"It is honestly disgusting walking along the Melros "path of poo". 

"I live five minutes walk to the beautiful beach, I should feel happy at the thought of walking to enjoy the beach smell and view instead of cringing at the thought of all the dog poop. 

"If you don't want to pick up dog poop then you shouldn't have a dog and yes I did spend my supposedly therapeutic morning picking up others dog poop." 

The City of Mandurah states that a person is liable for the control of a dog which excretes on any street, private or public place and a $100 fine can be issued if the excretion is not cleaned up. 

Dog poo in any public place is not only offensive in smell and appearance but carries a huge risk of disease and infection. 

Dog poo can infect people with worms from contact with the egg, bacterial infections and germs that breed in moisture while dogs can contract canine parvovirus, canine hepatitis, bacterial and viral infections and canine gastroenteritis. . 

If the poo isn't picked up and breaks down in soil, some of these diseases can be present in that soil for up to two years. 

For more information or to contact the City of Mandurah ranger services, call 9550 3777.