Healthy burgers for a healthy youth

In a bid to help Homestead for Youth make their dreams come true, Grill’d Mandurah have organised a special event to raise funds for the organisation’s home stay project.

Homestead for Youth is a not-for-profit organisation that helps troubled teenagers by distracting them from their conflicting backgrounds through hands-on programs.

Teenagers that might have family problems, violence or addiction issues can come to Homestead and join one of their tailor-made horse riding, mechanics and fencing programs among others.

However, Homestead founder Carla Fadelli said there are teenagers that need more than daily assistance in order to deal with their problems.

“We are still getting calls every week from kids who need residential, particularly boys, and we are just having to knock kids down every week,” Homestead for Youth founder Carla Fadelli said.

“There’s so many kids that can’t be going home and shouldn’t be going home and we have to say this is all we can offer.”

The organisation wants to go further in their quest to assist troubled youth by purchasing a block in Meelon and establishing their own home stay for teenagers and their families, to tackle deeper family problems.

In order to secure the property, Homestead would have to pay a $200,000 bond they are currently fundraising for.

On Sunday 23, Grill’d Mandurah will be donating $5 out of every meal to the organisation to hopefully get them closer to their dream.

“They’ve really got behind us,” Ms Fadelli said.

“I think the Grill'd initiative is awesome for us, because it just again epitomises that it takes a village to raise a child and if we don’t have a good team and community and businesses willing to do stuff we just stay as an isolated fragmented society.”

Homestead for Youth hopes to have their home stay program up and running towards the end of the year.