New parking restrictions in place for Frederick Irwin students

The City of Mandurah has put new three-hour parking restrictions in place in Meadow Spring’s Oakmont Avenue in a bid to address ongoing parking issues near Frederick Irwin Anglican School.

The school contacted the City to request the new parking regulations be put in place in the bays adjacent to the school, which had no previous restrictions, to prevent students with cars from taking up the bays.

Year 12 students with a car, would park in the bays all day at the expense of parents being able to set down and drop off their children. 

“Frederick Irwin School has requested three hour time parking restrictions on school days be imposed on Oakmont Avenue, Meadow Springs,” the City’s report read.

“This restriction is to reduce the number of students with driver’s licenses who are parking in the location all day preventing use by parents who are picking up and dropping off children.”

According to the report, student parking would be available on the school grounds.

Frederick Irwin principal Kerry Robertson said the school welcomed any measures that would relieve traffic congestion and increase student safety on the roads at busy times.

“With regard to student parking onsite, only Year 12 students are permitted to park their vehicles on the grounds and this is managed by the school,” she said.

“When the changes are implemented we hope they will be beneficial for the whole school community and general public.”

The new regulations would limit parking to three hours only between 8am and 4pm on school days. 

A spokesperson from the City of Mandurah said they were currently working on sending a written letter to residents living opposite the parking bays to notify them about the changes.