New home storage option for lobster fishers

Fisheries Minister Joe Francis announced on Friday that this year’s recreational rock lobster season, which begins on Saturday, brings with it rule changes which give fishers flexibility when storing their catch at home.

“For the first time, recreational fishers will have the option of removing the rock lobster tail after they get their catch home, if they don’t wish to store the whole lobster in their freezer,” Mr Francis said.

“It’s a common sense rule change which will allow lobster fishers to free up freezer space while still ensuring the tails remain in premium condition.

“However, allowing people to be in possession of rock lobster tails only applies to their principal place of residence, and not a boat, caravan, or tent, for example.”

The Minister also stressed that the tails of recreationally caught rock lobsters must still be clipped, and that lobsters must be whole and complete when being transported or when stored outside of a fisher’s principal place of residence.

Mr Francis said rock lobster fishing was just one type of recreational fishing people could enjoy on Sunday, October 16 to mark ‘Gone Fishing Day WA’.

“The day is part of a national initiative to encourage people to enjoy the fishing experience.

While a fishing licence is not required on ‘Gone Fishing Day WA’, all the rules, such as size and bag limits, still apply,” he said.

To help people take part in the event, the annual demersal fishing closure in the West Coast Bioregion will be delayed for 48 hours and will not come into force until Monday, October 17.