The importance of saying goodbye

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Personal service.

Personal service.

Saying a final goodbye to a loved one is never easy.

But, according to grief specialists, it is an important step in the grieving process.

Grief is the internal response to loss.

It is testament to the love, to the fondness or respect you had for a person, and if it’s not expressed in some way; if we simply pack up our unmourned grief, we carry it into our future.

All our significant life events are shared with others.

Birthdays and weddings provide an opportunity to come together and share.

A funeral does the same; it allows those who knew us to show that our life mattered to them.

Funerals aren’t necessarily about religion.

They are a way of celebrating the life of a loved one; a meaningful and respectful way to say goodbye.

The irony of funerals is that they honour life.

There are so many rituals and values in funerals that have meant so much for so long and have helped in the grieving process.

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Funerals are just as important for those left behind as they are for the loved one we’re saying goodbye to.

Grief specialists tell us the number of families choosing not to have a funeral service has led to an increase in unresolved grief, sometimes 10 years after the death of a loved one.

But planning a funeral can be a very difficult and emotional task.

According to female funeral directors Leanne O’Dea, that’s one of the reasons more people prefer a woman’s touch during this difficult time.

They feel they can share their emotions more openly.

Husbands that have lost wives.

Daughters that have lost mothers.

People from all walks of life seek out the natural warmth and sensitivity this female funeral company provides.

People from all walks of life seek out the natural warmth and sensitivity that only a female funeral company provides.

Leanne O’Dea offer a range of options that allow you and your family to tailor the funeral to suit your personal, cultural and religious requirements.

However you want to celebrate your loved one’s life, Leanne O’Dea can help you.

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