Halls Head Primary gets scientific

Students at Halls Head Primary School have had a busy week, jam-packed with a range of science activities for National Science Week.

Halls Head science specialist Kylie Staples said science week was a big annual event for the school. 

“It’s all to promote students’ interest in science and to stimulate curiosity and get them keen,” she said.

This year Halls Head’s students had three incursions.

On Monday Julia Ferguson from Earth Science WA held a hands on session on soils erosion, chemical rocks and archaeology for years 4-6 students.

Wednesday and Thursday the students were visited by Birds of Prey’s Yvonne Sitko, who gave the students hands-on interactions with native avian predators.

During the week students also received presentations from the Water Authority, where they discussed water conservation, supply, wastewater, storm water and aquifers.

The students also spent their lunchtimes engaging in hands-on activities with robots, marble runs, ice creations and, on the last day, a good old-fashioned Science Fair.

Ms Staples said there were plenty of volcanoes and mentos bombs, while some students created geology displays and science-related booklets.

“Kids love all of the hands-on activities and our whole school gets really involved in celebrating the wonders of science,” science specialist Kylie Staples said.

The program was designed to cover all aspects of science, including biology, chemistry, physics and more.