#MurphyProject: The bot you didn’t know you need

Face swaps, chat-bots and other computer-generated novelties have long been a crutch for procrastinators everywhere.

But what if you combined them into one?

We now interrupt your mundane working week to bring you Microsoft’s latest and ludicrous venture in artificial intelligence: his name is Murphy.

Murphy can chat with you on a number of platforms, including Skype, Facebook and Telegram, with Kik and Slack coming soon, according to the website.

But what makes Murphy different from the disastrous chat-bot experiment “Tay” – who was corrupted into an arrogant racist within 24 hours of going live on Twitter – is that Murphy will produce bizarre image-crossovers of your favorite celebrities.

Unfortunately, his programmers have also learnt to put a censor on what responses Murphy will give.

Nonetheless, there is much fun to be had.

Get set to spend hours asking Murphy questions such as, “What if Pauline Hanson was a Muslim?” and “What if Donald Trump was Dolly Parton?”

Of course, it’s nothing you couldn’t get from other image-merging software, but it’s pretty great to be given randomised images on demand by a polite bot like Murphy.

After he’s sent you his image, you can review it, by typing either :) to indicate you’re happy and you would like more, or :( to indicate that it’s turned out a bit too weird and you’d like him to try again.

Give it a go yourself at projectmurphy.net.


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