Joey hops on bike for children’s charity

SEVEN-year-old Laurence Hoolahan is aiming to set a personal best distance when he rides his bike from Mandurah to Perth to raise money for equipment for 1st Falcon Scouts, as well as for a Filipino children’s charity.

Laurence will complete the 72-kilometre journey on Saturday 7 May, accompanied by his mother Lisa Hoolahan and fellow members of the 1st Falcon Scouts group.

Laurence previously raised $1116 through his cycling, travelling from Mandurah to Baldivis in September last year.

This year, he's aiming for $3000.

Ms Hoolahan, a cyclist herself, has been a constant encouragement to Laurence and his philanthropy, as well as his ability.

“He’s been training very hard,” she said.

“He just did 50 [kilometres] the other day. I go along with him and I get tired sometimes, but he just hops off the bike and he’s fine. He just keeps on going.”

As part of his fundraising, Laurence has stopped by many local businesses with collection tins, hoping community generosity will help him raise three times as much with this ride.

Laurence, who is naturally humble about his achievements, is looking forward to supporting a good cause and showing his friends what good a little wherewithal can do.

Laurence’s scout troupe leader Cindy Tams said he had been a role model to other Joeys.

“It’s huge,” she said.

“Laurence is doing the ride as part of his Joey Promise, which is basically about giving back to the community.

“But no-one has ever done something as big as this. I think ‘absolute dynamo’ would be the best way to describe him.”

Ms Tams is hoping the funds raised for the scout group will go towards a new transport trailer to replace their current 30-year-old one.

“It will give something tangible that Laurence can be proud of when he goes into Cubs, then Scouts and eventually, hopefully Venturers," she said.

“Just think: if this is what he’s able to do at seven, imagine what he’ll be doing when he’s 10.”

If you would like to support Laurence, collection tins are available at the Falcon Post Office, Karmeleons Falcon, Fleet Cycles, Jarra Infusion Pinjarra, Mandurah Cycles, St Damiens Catholic School, Mandurah Cruises, D’Lights Café and Merlin Cabinets, with more businesses on the list.

You can also donate to Laurence’s GoFundMe page: