Sawn-off rifle found near Peninsular Bar

A MANDURAH plumber found a fully-loaded sawn-off .22 rifle outside the Peninsula hotel on Monday afternoon.

He said he went to move his vehicle when he noticed an object in what looked like a sock.

“I was doing a job in the Pen restaurant, in the bar, walked outside and the girl was delivering sangria and I thought, ‘what’s that on the road?’ and the guy I was with said it looks a bit like a gun and I said don’t be stupid,” the man said.

“But then I moved it and it felt like a gun, and sure enough it was the butt of a rifle,” he said.

The man said he called the police, who came and collected the weapon.

“They took a couple of photos and then took it away and they said it looks like it’s loaded, its engaged and ready to go,” he said.

“When she’s opened it up and checked the chamber there was one there ready to go.”

The man told 6PR the rifle could've fallen off the back of a ute.

A spokesperson from Mandurah Police said investigations were continuing.


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