Working out my work-out aversion - how to avoid exercise | OPINION

Photo for illustration purposes only. Obviously.

Photo for illustration purposes only. Obviously.

YOU know what’s wrong with working out?

It just requires so much work!

That’s why I sold my treadmill on the weekend.

As a premium exercise machine, it certainly worked very well as a clothes hanger.

It’s time to face facts; I’m just not the gym type.

I once thought I was.

Someone invited me to lunge with them last week.

I thought they said lunch. Imagine my disappointment to find the only crunch on offer involved my lunch-less tummy.

They said ‘bend your knees’. I heard ‘pinot gris’.

It was never going to work. And that’s okay.

There are plenty of people who love the gym.

I know they do because they take a photo of themselves every time they go there. Then they let me know how far they ran/rowed/rode/walked.

I find that exhausting. That’s work-out enough for me.

Now I have a new plan.

I’m going to duck every time someone mentions lunging. I will turn heel when the offer of a walk comes along. And I will literally run the other way when someone asks me to join their netball team.

That’s a lot of movement right there.

Avoiding exercise actually seems like quite a bit of exercise.

I could even market it to other gym-phobic people like me.

I’ll call it the fitness protection program.

I hope it works out.


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