Child care centres work with schools to provide smooth transition

RELATIONSHIPS between childcare centres and primary schools are being formed in Mandurah after research suggests a smooth transition for a child improves life-long learning.

Halls Head Play’s Kool are one of the centres meeting with primary schools in their area to find out what is expected of children when they make the move.

Play’s Kool acting teacher Emily Ash said the school was able to give them learning resources which helped prepare the 0-3-year-olds writing skills.  

“The links had not been there before so we were doing one thing here and they were doing the total opposite at school,” she said.  

“We can now identify where something has fallen short and prepare the child in time for school.”

Playgroup WA also supports the state wide Enhanced Transition to Schools Project which is partly funded by the Australian Government.

A spokesperson for Playgroups WA said research was showing when a playgroup is on or near a school site there is the added benefit children and families become familiar with the school environment and build relationships with staff.

The group said the research indicated that children’s relationships and experiences prior to school have an enduring impact on developmental outcomes, leading to sturdy or fragile foundations for life-long learning, health and behaviour.