Expert gardeners Sabrina Hahn and Chris Ferreira shout out for Mandurah green thumbs

GARDENING experts Sabrina Hahn and Chris Ferreira will hold a series of gardening workshops at a free community fair at Mandurah Junction’s community garden on Saturday, December 5.

The pair, who appear on television and radio, will be holding a series of demonstrations as they showcase a range of gardening techniques and give advice on growing plants and vegetables.

LandCorp chief executive Frank Marra said the Healthy Growing, Healthy Eating event would highlight the value of the Mandurah Junction Community Garden in bringing people together.

“I’m delighted to see that the Mandurah Junction community garden has become a much-loved focal point for the people of Mandurah,” Mr Marra said.

The garden is managed by non-profit group Intework, which is committed to taking part in community activities that teach life skills.

Intework business manager Jane Berggy said working at the garden had given the participants access to pathways enabling them to contribute to the community, and had developed their self-confidence.

“Helping and watching our participants prepare, plant and care for these plants has been a very rewarding experience,” Ms Berggy said.

As part of the celebration, Intework will be providing a sausage sizzle.

There will also be a gnome painting and decorating stall to keep children entertained.

The Healthy Growing, Healthy Eating event will take place at the Mandurah Junction Community Gardens, Sunday Garden Park, Sunday Loop from 10am-1pm on Saturday, December 5.