Pinjarra pig's moo-ving friendship with cow

A WILD pig has caused a stir at a Pinjarra farm after arriving eight months ago.

The pig was first spotted on the property making friends with a horse, but has since moved on to a cow, even helping himself to a drink of milk.

Ray Grantham said the pig, which his family members nicknamed Crackles, Ham (after Toy Story) or simply Pig, was first seen in the property’s front paddock.

“Big Ben Lombo [a pacing horse] was put out for a spell and this wild pig appeared one morning,” he said.

“The two became friends.”

There were also cows in the paddock but Crackles wasn’t interested in them.

It was the big pacer with which he built a strong bond.

“Early days the pig would go back into the bush and the horse would go up and down the fence crying out,” Mr Grantham said.

"We're not sure where he's come from."

The friendship lasted several months before Big Ben Lombo was put back into work with more cows and their calves moved into the paddock two months ago, which is when a new bond was formed.

“A cow that lost her calf has now taken him [Crackles] on as one of her own,” Mr Grantham said.

“The pig gets milk from the heifer and even sneaks off to get milk from the other cows with calves.”

The wild pig enjoying a drink from one of the cows.

Mr Grantham said the cows were a little apprehensive of Crackles at first but now didn’t mind the pig at all.

“It’s unbelievable; I haven’t seen anything like it,” he said.

“I’ve told other farmers and they’re amazed.”

Mr Grantham said Crackles used to take off when approached, but had now settled down.

“When we bring the cows in he even has gone into the cattle yard,” he said.

“I don’t think he’s going anywhere in a hurry.”

Unfortunately, life isn’t like the movies though, with Crackles having none of celebrity pigs Babe or Wilbur's cuteness.

Mr Grantham’s daughter Margaret Young described him as "ugly".

“He’s got a bigger snout than your domestic pig and a big thick neck,” she said.

“He’s pretty ugly.”

With the cow set to have another calf in May only time will tell who Crackles' next friend will be.

Maybe a chicken?


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