Canning byelection 2015: Mandurah decides

The people of the Canning electorate, which includes Mandurah and surrounding districts, will today decide who will replace former member Don Randall, who died in office in July.

The four week campaign was one of the toughest in Australian political history, and the first in which a sitting Prime Minister was spilled.

The nation's most powerful politicians — Prime Ministers and ministers among them — poured into Mandurah to shake hands, make announcements, get noticed and put in their two-bits for their candidates of choice.

While the focus remained on former special forces officer Andrew Hastie for the Liberals and corporate lawyer Matt Keogh for Labor, a range of other candidates were also in the mix, some more colourful than others.

But the campaign is now over, and it is the people who will decide.

Here are some of the highlights from Mandurah Mail's Canning byelection coverage:

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For a list of all polling places, visit our polling place page. Voting is open from 8am and closes at 6pm sharp.