Canning candidate van Lieshout launches explosive tirade on Facebook

Canning candidate Teresa van Lieshout has launched an extraordinary attack on the Mandurah Mail following a story about the controversial teacher’s court woes.

Published online on Friday, the story detailed Ms van Lieshout’s failure to appear before Fremantle Magistrates Court last week on charges of breach of bail, stealing and wilful damage.

The story also revealed Ms van Lieshout’s teaching registration was cancelled in April.

Ms van Lieshout has since taken to Facebook and accused Mandurah Mail of being “male dogs”, “idiots”, “malicious”, “nutcases”, and “dickheads”.

“Evil, cowardly ‘Mandurah Mail’,” she wrote.

“You trash me, I’ll trash you, you evil cowardly lying slanderous violent pro liberal/labor govt fascist Nazi stealing, torturing, murdering dogs [sic].”

Despite being warned by Facebook followers to watch her language on a public forum, Ms van Lieshout continued her tirade which prompted a suggestion from one her supporters to “slash his tyres”, referring to Mail reporter Nathan Hondros.

In even more bizarre private messages Ms van Lieshout told a member of the public to “go kill and rape yourself” before referring to the man as an “evil male c**t”.

Ms van Lieshout told her Facebook followers she would be making a video about Mandurah Mail and said the newspaper promoted “liberal & labor murderers [sic]”.

“Evil gutless ‘nutcase’ cowardly men, ‘Mandurah Mail’,” she wrote.

“We do have genocidal political-govt men, and lots of other evil men in this country.

“I hope they all burn in hell.”