Abbott government MP Don Randall found dead

West Australian Liberal MP Don Randall has been found dead.

Mr Randall was found in his vehicle about 3pm on Tuesday near Boddington. 

It's understood Mr Randall may have suffered a heart attack.

He spent the morning in Mandurah.

Mr Randall first entered Parliament when the Coalition assumed power in 1996, as the Member for Swan.

After losing his seat in 1998, he was re-elected in 2001 as the Member for Canning, the electorate he has represented since.

He made headlines in February this year as one of two MPs who moved the motion for a leadership spill against Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Born in in rural Merredin in 1953, he worked as a teacher, local councillor, horse trainer and consultant before entering Parliament. He had also held various offices in the WA Liberal Party.

Mr Randall held several junior shadow ministerial positions after the defeat of the Howard government in 2007, including parliamentary secretary for energy and resources, roads and transport and local government between 2007 and 2013.

Over the years, Mr Randall developed a reputation as an outspoken MP who was willing to make controversial statements and speak his mind on a range of issues.

After the election of the Abbott government, he endured a torrid time over his misuse of parliamentary expenses. Mr Randall came under fire for billing taxpayers more than $5000 to fly business class from Perth to Cairns with his wife, which included a visit to an investment property.

In his maiden speech to the House of Representatives, Mr Randall spoke of his admiration for "a nation where people who are willing to make sacrifices can succeed".

"The worst thing that could happen to Australians is if they begin to believe, to quote the former prime minister, that 'this is as good as it gets'. Very rarely do we reach that point where there is no more to strive for, that all has been achieved."

Good friend and fellow WA MP Steve Irons said Mr Randall was a "loveable rogue".

"He was a mentor for me, I was supposed to be catching up with him on Saturday. He was a good man with a good heart," he said.

"It's a tragedy when something like this happens, especially when people are so young."