Peel actors walk down the red carpet for the Finley Awards

A GROUP of local actors will be walking the red carpet later this month, for the Oscars of community theatre.

Members of the Murray Music and Drama Club received ten nominations for this year’s Finley Awards – one of the highest numbers of nominations for the night.

“We came away from the nominations night gobsmacked,” vice president and one of the club’s directors, Carole Dhu said.

“You always hope for the best and in the club you tend to get a vibe of the buzz surrounding a play and know when you’ve had a good year.

“But we weren’t expecting that many nominations.”

The most popular production for the club this year was Fiddler on the Roof, with the play responsible for nine nominations.

This includes the awards for best costumes, support and lead actors, best director and best choreographer.

And if that wasn’t enough, Murray Music and Drama Club have been invited to open the Finley Awards with main song, Tradition.

“To be honest, the Fiddler on the Roof has been a favourite show of mine for years and it had been a long held ambition to hold the show,” Dhu said.

“The music is sensational and there’s an opportunity for great acting moments.

“I think the subject matter resinates with a lot of people.

“You know what plays are good sellers within the club and this is one of them.

“That’s what you want; it’s nice to have a good crowd after working for months on a play.”

The Finley Awards is on January 17 at the Heath Ledger Theatre.