Ex-Mandurah photographer's festival prank goes viral

A look-a-like prank from an ex-Mandurah resident Jarrad Seng has gone viral on the internet.
A look-a-like prank from an ex-Mandurah resident Jarrad Seng has gone viral on the internet.

People who thought they took a selfie with US DJ Steve Aoki at music festival in Perth on Saturday could be in for a rude surprise following a viral look-a-like prank from an ex-Mandurah resident.

After being constantly told he looked like US DJ Steve Aoki, photographer Jarrad Seng decided to take the likeness one step further by putting on a fake beard and dressing up as him and going to Stereosonic festival where he was headlining.

He filmed the whole thing with the help of a few friends and since then the video gone viral on the internet. It has since had more than a million views across a number of platforms and the post on his Facebook page had received close to 19,000 likes on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Seng said while he wasn’t surprised by how many people believed he was Steve Aoki, he was surprised at how much attention the video garnered.

“Holy moly what have I got myself into now. I woke up to about a million views on the video across the board and stories on Buzzfeed, The LAD Bible, Pedestrian, Elite Daily, Triple J, Channel V, Fairfax Media, The Australian and more,” he posted to his Facebook page today.

He said things got a bit more awkward when he was walking around Steve Aoki and he heard “What’s up Perth, this is Steve Aoki” blare out from the main stage.

“That was messing with people’s minds a bit and I thought I should probably head to a different area.”

But, he didn’t and then despite people started to realise he wasn’t who he appeared to be Mr Seng joined the revellers for the set, doing some crowd surfing in the process.

Watch: See how Jarrad Seng's Stereosonic prank played out below.

Jarrad said he had an idea he though would be funny to dress up as Steve Aoki but, that he didn’t mean any disrespect to the DJ or fans.

 “A friend of mine mentioned it to him following the concert and he said he did see me out in the crowd.

“I hope it doesn’t overshadow his performances,” Mr Seng said.

“I’m also sorry to everyone who was fooled. I feel a bit bad but hopefully they can see the funny side,” he said.

Mr Seng, who grew up in Mandurah, is now making a name for himself as a photographer and director.

He’s toured with Passenger and filmed several of their music videos. He’s also worked with Ed Sheeran and toured with Matchbox 20 and had photographic exhibitions in Perth and Sydney. 


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