Litter concerns for Mandurah's Mariners Cove development

CONCERNED resident Quentin Williams has seen first hand the negative impact the Mariners Cove development has had on the surrounding waterways. 

A regular visitor the area, Mr Williams regularly picks up litter from the waterways which he believes were left from the building sites. 

“I started walking around this area before the building had started,” he said.

“In that time, the amount of rubbish at the sites and in the waterways has escalated and that’s just with a couple of houses being built.

“Imagine if there were 50 to 70 houses being built?

“If I walk down the street and drop some paper I get a fine.

“Why is it different with a million-dollar build?

“It’s gob smacking.”

Mr Williams said builders had no proper bin and used a make-shift wire one which was overflowing and not always utilised.

Spokesperson for developer Cedar Woods said they had no jurisdiction over the project builders and it was the City of Mandurah’s responsibility to fine builders who allow littering.  

A City of Mandurah spokesperson said the builders and developers were required to follow legislation to the disposal of rubbish around building sites.

“The City of Mandurah conducts regular inspections and responds to resident’s complaints, with a focus on areas which receive the most complaints, currently Mariners Cove, Lakelands, Dawesville and Seascapes,” the spokesperson said. 

“The City’s Development Compliance Team assists with educating and enforcing the legal requirements on building sites. 

“Many builders do the right thing with managing their sites however there is a small percentage who can create problems.

“However, the City is investigating a number of incidents where litter has been discovered in the area.”

Mr Williams said even though he did not live in Mariners Cove, it was still his concern and should be “everyone’s concern”.

“It’s a huge issue especially during low and high tides,” he said. 

“Everything you see here may not be here tomorrow, with the tides taking it right out into the estuary and then the ocean.

“We advertise Mandurah as a beautiful place and then there’s this.”