Highway to Hells Bells' Mandurah show

AC/DC tribute band, Hells Bells will play ball in Mandurah this month, hoping to take on the Australian rockers latest single at their upcoming gig. 

As if mirroring the actions of the original band, who recently had Steve Young step in for uncle and founding member Malcolm after he was diagnosed with dementia, Hells Bells is also learning to play the latest tracks with a new line-up. 

Rhythm guitarist Mal Osbourne said the possibility of Play Ball being on the set list is definitely on the cards, but depends if the band, which now includes Graham Greene as lead guitarist, can pick it up in time.

“We’re looking into it at the moment,” Osbourne said. 

“At first listen, it sounds like they’ve over-dubbed different guitars so it will be interesting to see how we can reproduce that on stage.

“But if anyone can, Hells Bells can.

“Plus the fact that Brian Johnson is singing so well these days has our singer, Wayne Curnow right into it.

“He’s singing instead of shouting.

“AC/DC’s new maturity sits well with Hells Bells.”

The October 24 show will be Greene’s fifth time on stage with the band and it’s already evident the impact he has brought to Hells Bells.

Keeping in with the band’s ethos, the lead guitarist is helping change the flavour of Hells Bells.

His on-stage personality, while unlike anything seen on an AC/DC tribute band stage before, is not out of place in Hells Bells. 

With finger taps and dives melded into the traditional AC/DC sound, Osbourne said this new take on an old favourite has fans mesmerised.

“He’s quite flamboyant; similar to Eddie Van Halen,” Osbourne said. 

“At first we thought we might have to ask him to tone it down a bit but after the first rehearsal we realised how much fun he was. 

“He plays the songs his own way and his flamboyant nature adds to our own wave of AC/DC.

“We’ve never set out to sound or look like them.

“We salute them.

“We all come from the original music scene rather than from cover bands, so we’ve all brought something new.”

But as rumours surround AC/DC and a possible tour for their upcoming album, is Hells Bells worried news will get back to their heroes?

“Rumour has it they do go watch tribute bands incognito,” Osbourne said. 

“If they were to come to one of our shows, I like to think we would recognise them.

“It would be fantastic if they did.

“Word does get around so you never know.”

Hells Bells will be at Bendigo Bank Stadium on October 24.

For more information go to oztix.com.au or find Hells Bells on Facebook.