Mandurah Baptist College students head to Cambodia to volunteer

SIX Mandurah Baptist College (MBC) students are on a mission to prove school leavers’ celebrations don’t have to be about running amok as they head on a volunteer trip to Cambodia.

Year 12 students Lillee Johnston, Cassie McLeish, Tyler Sanders, Liam Baty, Lachlan Pratt and Abbey Waldeck will volunteer in a community centre that cares for orphaned and rescued children.

Lillee said the group shared a passion for helping people and it seemed like a good opportunity.

“There’s such a negative connotation with school leavers and drugs and alcohol,” Tyler said.

“This is a chance to find ourselves before we’re in the real world.”

Lakelands Community Church youth pastor Anthony Harrison will join the group on the eight-day trip and he said he was inspired by the group’s enthusiasm.

“We do an annual mission trip to Cambodia the beginning of the year for young people within the church but this will be open to everyone,” he said.

“This group came to me with the idea because they wanted to do something meaningful with their leavers' celebrations.

“We’ll explore the historical and cultural side of the country and there will be some time to relax as well.”