Alternative plan for Madora Bay North development

LOCAL residents have weighed in on the Madora Bay North development holding a community meeting which resulted in the creation of an alternate outline development plan (ODP).

In response to developer Madora Bay Partnership’s advertised ODP and the City of Mandurah’s invitation to comment, the Singleton and Madora Bay residents gathered at the Comet Bay Bowling Club last Wednesday night.

With the help of local town planner Chris O’Neill and student planner Matt Rogers, the group decided upon proposed “constructive changes” for the original.

“We are fortunate enough to score town planning help which is a break though for us,” Madora Bay resident Craig Salt said.

“It gives us a chance to come up with something sensible rather than just a bunch of words.”

The major changes included the addition of a coastal village with residential development to replace the local shopping centre originally proposed, an east-west environmental transect on the northern border of the development, direct access from Mandurah Road to the coastal village via a landscaped boulevard, equal ground levels with the existing properties on the development’s southern border and an intersection between Angalore Road and Madora Beach Road.

“This plan would create a significant increase in housing by my estimate but not a significant increase in cost,” Mr O’Neill said. 

“But what they need to make sure is at the end of the day is that they have a good development.”

He said the coastal village would be the centre piece of the new estate and anticipated it would include a range of retail and commercial facilities such as cafés, restaurants, shops and possibly local offices. 

Mr O'Neill said there are many examples of this form of development adjacent to beaches elsewhere and this represents possibly the last opportunity for Mandurah to have its own iconic coastal village development.

He said the east-west environmental transect would help distinguish the Perth and Mandurah areas.

“The green space proposal would keep [the Madora Bay and Singleton areas] separate and help them form strong individual identities,” Mr O’Neill said.

“One of the reasons I suggest relocating the area is because in terms of plan principles, it’s not logical.”

In recognition of problems and conflicts which have arisen in the past subdivisional developments, the amended plan includes a specific requirement for adjoining new development. 

This would involve controls in relation to lot sizes as well as finished ground levels. 

The plan states any new lots which abut an existing lot in Madora Bay, is to have an area no less than that of the adjoining lot, with residential density to accord with that of the adjoining land.