Falcon tattoo studio to ink for Autism

IT’S an unlikely pairing but tattoo studios across the world are all coming together to raise money for autism, including Falcon’s own West Coast Tattoo.

Jennifer Gelven got a tattoo as part of Ink4Autism from Jonika Miller.

Jennifer Gelven got a tattoo as part of Ink4Autism from Jonika Miller.

The puzzle piece.

The puzzle piece.

The studio’s tattoo artists are giving up their time and supplies for the month of April as part of Ink4Austism.

Unlike other studios, West Coast Tattoo is donating 100 per cent profit to the cause.

“I have a little brother who is autistic so it’s great that everyone has gotten behind it,” tattooist Sascha Wudutun said.

“For something like this you get something back; it’s not like you only have to give.

“And it’s something which will spread awareness about it.”

The business has pre-drawn designs which include the autism awareness symbol, a puzzle piece.

However Mr Wudutun said about 50 per cent of the designs so far have been custom-designed, autism themed pieces.

The business has already almost reached their goal of $1000 and still has 35 bookings to do.

Participating tattoo shops donate the amount raised to Autism Speaks or a local charity that provides autism services.  

Mother of three autistic children, Jennifer Gelven had three puzzle pieces tattooed on her foot last week in aid of the cause.

She said it was amazing the time which the tattoo artists had given up, on top of their more than 70-hour working week.