Soft drinks and soft brains

Models are the best role models.

Models are the best role models.

I don’t like Pepsi. Or coke, I think both are gross, and I’m trying to watch my weight. What I do like, though, is equal rights, and the right to protest for those rights.

So when Pepsi – the company responsible for lighting Michael Jackson’s hair on fire – decided Kendall Jenner would be the ultimate harbinger of their version of the current protest movement, I was pretty confused.

The last thing I remember Kendall Jenner doing is… well, nothing. Nothing of value. Ever. And now here she is, apparently the face of the disenfranchised youth, bringing the world together with a gross carbonated beverage.

In one way, it did actually work. The online firestorm which has swamped PepsiCo has lead them to pull the ad. It’s probably also made a whole lot of young people say to themselves, “We’re protesting every day, and they just think we want Pepsi.”

Either way, I guess it’s good to know that, when your fighting overzealous capitalism, Pepsi is still your friend.

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