Mandurah mum’s devastation over son’s memorial theft

Losing a child is always devastating, but one Mandurah mother has been dealt a double blow, with thieves targeting her son’s memorial on Pinjarra Road.

Steven Woods was killed in a motorbike crash almost two months ago.

The shock of his death and a desire to keep his memory alive prompted his family to erect a small cross to honour their loved one.

Close friends and family members added mementos to the cross, with flowers, personal messages and candles left at the site.

But over the past seven weeks, these items have been either stolen or destroyed.

Most recently, angels place at the cross by Steven’s sister have been stolen.

Steven’s heartbroken mother, Katie Bennell, said those damaging her son’s memorial were “heartless”, and she and her daughters called on anyone witnessing vandals in the area to contact police.

“He’s buried in Fremantle and I go up there every weekend,” she said.

“But this is somewhere for his sisters to come.

“Why would you come and desecrate the place we come to find peace and love?

“It’s just completely heartless.”

Mrs Bennell said she would continue replacing flowers at the site.