Romantic shmoshmantic

TWO weeks ago in this very column I decided to use my conundrum-solving abilities for the greater good.

I was to set up a conundrum-solving business.

The first recipient of my conundrum-solving help was to be my brother and his long-distance romantic interest.

Unfortunately my conundrum-solving business failed to get off the ground and I left my brother to his own accord.

My brother, not a well-known conundrum-solver and more a conundrum-causer, surprisingly found a solution; Skype.

For those un-familiar, Skype allows two people to talk to one another for free across the internet using a web-cam.

Don’t rejoice too soon as my brother’s conundrum solution has created my own conundrum.

It’s doing my head in.

I come home from work, I’ve had a big day in the office, I want to wind down, I want to have a cup of tea and watch some television.

But no, I don’t get that satisfaction.

Ingeniously my brother has hooked Skype up through our one and only television.

What I get to watch is a conversation between my brother and his romantic interest unfold on our television, thankfully it’s only a conversation you might say.

Sure it’s probably more interesting than Neighbours, Home and Away and Big Brother but after 7.30pm the television does pick-up.  

Alas, I blame myself for this conundrum; had I stepped in to help him out earlier this conundrum would not exist. 

I’d have suggested writing letters or taking the ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ approach, but now I have missed my chance.

Yet this conundrum must be solved.

I have already tried walking around in my underwear behind the camera to no avail, the picture quality just isn’t clear enough.

The romantic interest’s interest in my brother also doesn’t seem to be waning so waiting it out doesn’t seem to be an option.

The answer to my problem is in fact simple, get my brother to unplug his ingenious set-up from the television and move it elsewhere.

A simple solution for most, but knowing my brother a task which will take a great deal of time.

My conundrum and his romance continues.

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